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About us

The female factor supports driven women in paving their path towards fulfillment in their career and personal life by providing dedicated workshops, mentorship and get-togethers with like-minded people.

We believe in women shaping and leading our world by embracing their innately “feminine” power. We believe that female factors like empathy, intuition and optimism work towards the benefit of every company. We believe women are not only key to leveraging a company’s full potential but also essential to move our global economy forward. We believe in diversity as a key factor of innovation and growth. We believe in mutual support and the power of community.

Is our community right for you?

Yessss, if you're a (future) female changemaker, that:

✗ is ready to step up her game
✗ has a go-getter mentality
✗ sets clear career goals in her field
✗ rises by lifting others
✗ has confidence in a growth mindset
✗ believes in her  t r u e  potential

We are open for all ambitious women across all industries, no matter your label - young professionals, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, mindset is what makes the difference!

Who will you meet here?

What all of us have in common: We are open-minded women with ambition. 

We are: 

✗ Entrepreneurs
✗ Corporate Leaders
✗ Executives
✗ Marketers
✗ Creatives
✗ Professionals
✗ Side-Hustlers

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